Don’t make small changes.

Don’t make small changes.  Make big changes – to see results.

Small changes may be easier to make, but they can lead to frustration and hurt your motivation to keep going.

Big changes help you see quicker results, which increase your likelihood of continuing to follow through with your new lifestyle changes.

The DASH diet is a great example of how this works. The DASH diet is based on a plan that is rich in fruits and vegetables, low fat or non-fat dairy, and beans/nuts. Suppose you decide to just start with adding more fruits and vegetables. What will happen to your blood pressure? Most likely (based on the research), nothing.

The blood pressure-lowering effects of the DASH diet only occurred in people following the entire plan.

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2 Responses to “Don’t make small changes.”

  1. dennis l kotzman Says:

    I purchased Marla’s Dash Diet book and am looking forward to starting the plan but I have a question. Can I substitute items in the plan? For example, I drink almond milk and eat whole grain cereal and bread. Can I somehow retain use of these or must I strictly follow the suggested plan Marla outlines in her book? Please respond…..:Thank You for you help

    • marlahrd Says:

      You can substitute non-dairy foods for dairy, just make sure it has the same calcium, and vitamin D as the original. And whole grain cereal and bread is in the meal plans in the book, and are recommended.

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