90% of Americans consume too much sodium

According to a new CDC report, the average American consumes about 3400 mg sodium every day. The recommended amount for healthy people is 2300 mg. And since most Americans fall into the overweight/obese or otherwise high risk categories, the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 1500 mg. (Note: other high risk categories include people with hypertension, African Americans, and people over the age of 50.)

Where does the sodium in our diets come from? Primarily from processed and restaurant foods. Not from the salt shaker at the table.

The top sources of sodium are:

1. Yeast breads and pastry.

2. Frozen meals and  frozen meats/poultry.

3. Pizza and pasta dishes

4. Cold cuts and other cured meats.

5. Vegetables in soups and sauces, french fries, potato chips

The DASH Diet Action Plan avoids these foods, and the meal plans have a target of 1500 mg sodium per day.


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